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After spending the past 9 years providing physicians vital business information they need in order to run successful medical practices, Healthcare Management Experts, LLC has made the decision to expand services to other small businesses outside of the medical field.

HME is proud to introduce the newest member of our management team, Kelly Huth. Kelly recently joined Healthcare Management Experts, LLC after nearly 20 years in the banking industry. Her experience in the banking industry has provided Kelly with a unique opportunity to listen to business owners who have expressed the frustrations of trying to run a business at the same time they are trying to perfect a product or service they provide to customers. Kelly is the Director of Business Services for Business Management Experts and is looking forward to assisting businesses achieve success.

In today’s competitive markets, it is important for business owners to be able to concentrate on their business and the services they provide. They understand the importance of a positive customer experience and realize it takes long hours and dedication to ensure the experience is satisfying. Most entrepreneurs spend all their time and energy ensuring customer satisfaction leaving little to no time to manage their own business needs. It is for this reason, Business Management Experts was created.

Business Management Experts is an administrative consulting company committed to helping small businesses develop strategies to provide consumer services in the most cost efficient and effective way. Specializing in a variety of professional services, our staff will help you achieve your small business goals.

Our services include: business start-up (federal EIN applications to policies and procedures to disaster recovery plans), strategic plan development (analyze business strategies and financial health to determine how to achieve long term goal), on-going management & support (accounts receivable and payable, local, state, and compliance, human resource management), accounting and systems set-up (weekly banking entries, invoicing, income management, bill pay services, monthly reconciliations, financial reporting), and staff development (mandated training, customer service training, staff and business events). We also offer specialty services such as auditing (internal, banking, product, equipment, compliance).

Business Management Experts looks forward to serving your business and helping you grow to your full potential. Please feel free to contact Kelly at [email protected] or Merry at [email protected] for a free consultation today.

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